Royal Mail and TNT Post partnership to boost flyer effectiveness?

The two firms are to work together to encourage use of direct marketing methods.

Businesses using direct mail marketing techniques such as flyers and brochures may see performance increase as a result of a new partnership between Royal Mail and TNT Post.

The two firms have joined forces to offer a number of initiatives that aim to encourage companies to increase their use of direct mail, Marketing Week reports.

Commenting on the move, marketing and customer services director for TNT Post Lieneke Happel was quoted by the news source as saying the affiliation will have mutual benefits.

It will "improve standards, increase the use of direct mail and make it viable for businesses to spend more", she remarked.

Both firms already provide direct marketing facilities to businesses and are competitors in the mail delivery industry.

Enterprises looking to boost awareness of their products may want to adopt techniques like distributing flyers, as figures from the British Marketing Survey recently showed their effectiveness has increased over the past year.

Published: 9th September 2010

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