Cutting costs 'is harming sustainable printing'

Businesses have switched their focus from being environmentally friendly to cutting costs, it has been suggested.

Sustainable printing has becomes less of a priority asbusinesses shift their attention to cutting costs in the currentfinancial climate.

This is the view of co-founder and chief executive officer ofanalyst firm Context Jeremy Davies, who told Computer BusinessReview that while "green was very fashionable three or so yearsago", the number of initiatives aimed at encouraging firms to useeco-friendly printers has dropped.

"The concern is with saving costs, so green is not too high onthe agenda," he remarked.

Mr Davies noted some firms are adopting a moreenvironmentally-friendly print infrastructure through the use ofmore efficient printers, but this is simply a by-product ofattempting to reduce outlay.

Senior product marketing manager for OKI Printing Solutions AlanMcLeish added the print industry is taking steps to improve itsgreen credentials, by developing machines that draw less power thantheir predecessors.

Sharla Neyland of the Going Green blog recently suggestedprinting companies need to encourage their clients to includerecycling messages on promotional material such as flyers.

Posted by Rachel North

Published: 5th August 2010

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