Cheap flyers 'should combine ideas, engagement and interaction'

Those using cheap flyers may wish to heed the advice of one writer.

Businesses using cheap flyers in marketing campaigns could benefit from a return to a traditional way of thinking, as one expert has highlighted the fundamentals that will be important in 2011.

Writing for Marketing Week, Pulse Group chief executive Mike Spicer said ideas, intelligence, engagement and interaction are key.

"Consumers are becoming increasingly fickle, demanding and active, wanting to feel a part of the marketing process rather than just being marketed to," he stated, adding brands will have to respond accordingly.

The recession sparked a frantic pitching process as firms attempted to secure contracts, the specialist observed, but he predicted 2011 "will see the return of ideas".

And direct marketers using cheap flyers are likely to continue embracing technology alongside traditional efforts, as Mr Spicer suggested the use of social media will evolve further.

Earlier this month, Michael Ofori wrote in a piece for Dealer Marketing Magazine that direct mail and other promotional efforts will be important to reinforce the brand message communicated via websites.

Published: 21st December 2010

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